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Spirit presence ‘felt’ at historic Scots prison

18 December 2009

A psychic medium was said to have picked up a spiritual presence during a real-life ghost hunt at Argyll’s 19th century courthouse and prison, Inveraray Jail, at the weekend. More than 6,000 men, women and children were tried and served sentences in the jail between 1820 and 1889. Today, it is a popular visitor attraction… Read More

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How Paranormal Activity is really caught on Camera

02 December 2009

The release of movie box office sensation Paranormal Activity in the UK last week will have brought many superstitious imaginations to life.  Sparking questions on whether ghosts exist, a Scottish landmark in the heart of Argyll offers the opportunity to see how ghosts are really caught on camera. Ghost Hunting events open to the public… Read More

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