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Visitors to Scotland’s Favourite Jail Help Predict Election

Inveraray Jail, a 19th century prison, museum and popular visitor attraction in Argyll, is running an election opinion poll in a quest to predict who the winning party will be.

Vote 2010Voting forms are currently on display throughout the jail showing images of the party leaders behind bars, including Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  Visitors are being asked to vote for the party leader or someone of their own choice they would like to be released from jail to run the country.  Just like a normal election, visitors can fill out the ballot paper and pop their completed form into the jail’s ballot box.  Since the voting forms went on display on 7th April, the jail has received a number of votes, particularly from Easter Holiday visitors, and they plan to make a prediction before the Election Day on Thursday 6th May.

We are looking forward to see which party leader will receive the ‘get out of jail’ card and it will be interesting to see if our predictions are right! We suspect all the party leaders will be left to stay in Jail and a peoples” choice will attract the most votes!  Those voting in our opinion poll should bear in mind that many prisoners of Inveraray Jail faced transportation to Australia or were sentenced to years of punishment and hard labour in cold, damp prison conditions!

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Inveraray Jail, Argyll, Scotland, PA32 8TX